Celebrating 4/20 and the Progress of Marijuana Legalization in the U.S.

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1) First things first…

2) Using the correct terminology for marijuana can be tricky.

3) Be aware of the misconceptions surrounding use.

4) Marijuana is generally not very addicting compared to other schedule one substances.

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5) Legalization will come down to the states and federal enforcement.

6) Legalization should (hopefully) include expungement of criminal records.

7) Legalization will affect in-state commerce laws.

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8) There are growing concerns about equity within cannabis dispensary ownership.

9) Legalization will be inevitable in the next few years.

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10) Medical marijuana is here to stay.

11) A main goal of federal legalization is to reduce the number of local dealers.

12) And finally…the question we’ve all been waiting for.



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