Boston University computer scientist explains what caused Facebook’s global shutdown and discusses its widespread impact

Image credit: Canva

By Molly Gluck

On October 4, Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms experienced a gigantic global outage, preventing 3.5 billion users from interacting with friends and family, sharing information and sustaining their businesses. This…

New research aims to lessen the possibility of brain swelling in diabetic ketoacidosis patients

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

By Stephen Whelan, PhD and Emeritus Professor William Hoffman, MD of Medical College of Augusta University

Edited by Molly Gluck

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious metabolic/immunologic complication of Type 1 diabetes (T1D) and the most common chronic medical condition in children. It results due to the body producing high…

Child psychologist details study’s aims, and how parents’ own stress regulation and underlying physiology influences their parenting style, and their children’s behaviors.

By Katherine Gianni

Photo by Sandsome Worklifestyle on Unsplash.

Stressful experiences come in many forms: a tough day at the office, relationship troubles, financial strain, or even forgetting to defrost the chicken in the…

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