6 Takeaways from Reddit AMA on Vaccines

Learning from Boston University virologists’ Reddit chat during National Immunization Awareness Month

Photo by the Pan American Health Organization via Flickr

In 2017, Boston University virologists Dr. Paul Duprex and Lee Wetzler took to Reddit’s r/IAMA subreddit to field questions on vaccines. This National Immunization Awareness month, we revisit the conversation they had with hundreds of Redditors who chimed in with questions, ranging from specific scientific questions to queries about the “anti-vaccine” movement.

Here are 6 top takeaways from the conversation:

1. A Herpes Vaccine is on the way.

2. Advice for young scientists: “love the discipline.”

3. Use facts to talk to “anti-vaccers.”

4. NIH is prioritizing a vaccine for Zika.

5. It’s unlikely that humans will ever be immune to illness.

6. The Virologists weigh in on pineapple pizza.

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